Waste & Recycling Containers

Roll on Roll Off Hooklift Steel Container Manufactured by Firber
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For over half a century, Firber has been supplying waste and recycling products across Nottingham and the rest of the Midlands. From our 65,000sq ft facility in Kirby-in Ashfield, our highly skilled team of engineers craft the highest quality skips and steel containers for businesses right across the county. We pride ourselves on our long track record of impeccable customer service and the quality of the products we manufacture. We believe in working closely with our clients and providing the most efficient and cost-effective recycling and waste solution for you, whatever sector you work in and whatever your business needs.

The range of skips and waste disposal units we offer is unmatched, which is what makes Firber the premier waste solutions company in Nottinghamshire. Our engineers have all been trained to the highest possible standards, and no job is too big or too complex for us to handle. With more than 50 years of experience to our name, you know you can trust Firber to deliver exceptional customer service and products which are built to last.

Compaction Container Manufactured By FirberCompaction containers

Our cutting-edge compaction containers are able to deal with large volumes of waste. These are available in either a standard size or a more capacious special size, and work by compressing bulky waste into smaller amounts. That means you save money by significantly reducing the number of collections needed. These can be made compatible with any vehicle loading system, be it cable and chain or hook lifting.

Demountable Hook-lift Container Manufactured By FirberDemountables

We manufacture a large range of demountable waste units in a variety of configurations, including plain, swagged, smooth sided and curve sided. These are compatible with all type of demountable handling equipment, including roll-on/roll-off and chain and hook. We’re also able to incorporate a number of special design features. You can choose open and closed units, HL5 type units and those with a locking system in place.

FEL - Front End Loader manufactured by FirberFront End Loaders (FEL)

Our FEL containers are ideal for both general waste and recyclables, and are compatible with all UK lifting systems. Manufactured to the highest quality standards, these FELS come in both box and play-house types, with the option of a robust plastic lid.

REL - Rear End Loader Manufactured By FirberRear End Loaders (REL)

Our range of RELs can be either open or closed top, and are compatible with all UK loading systems. These are the perfect choice for both recycling and general waste, and are built using the highest quality materials and to the highest standards.

Clothing bank manufactured by Firber EngineeringRecycling

We manufacture recycling banks for every purpose, and these can suit either hook lift or skip lift vehicles. Our modular recycling banks can be used to collect recyclables of any size and material. Our expert team are on hand should you need further guidance on choosing the right bank.

Slopped Side Skip Manufactured By FirberSkips

We manufacture the highest quality open and closed skips, for recycling and general waste. These come in a range of sizes and can be used to collect bulky waste, including construction waste and non-hazardous materials. You can also choose easy discharge and drop door skips, for added convenience.